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is a platform designed to make managing, maintaining and distributing accurate, validated and up to date product data easier for suppliers and manufacturers within the building materials sector.

What is OnePlace?

OnePlace is a Product Information Management (PIM) and B2B trading platform for Merchants and Suppliers within the building materials industry. Designed specifically to cater for the modern demands of the Building sector connecting industry partners through its advanced interface and connectivity functionality.

OnePlace lets suppliers easily and securely share accurate, validated, enriched and up to date product and pricing data with their merchant customers, from one centralized platform, in one standardized electronic format.

PIM Benefits

  • Product Completion Insights
  • Instant Product Health Check
  • Spreadsheet View Data Editing
  • Automated Data Channels

Ordering Benefits

  • Custom Pricing Structure
  • Bespoke Delivery Charges
  • Tailored Ordering Requirements & Validation
  • Receive Orders in Multiple Formats


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