Merchant Video Tours

For more information on how to navigate OnePlace, please see the video guides below.

OnePlace Tour

Quick Ordering Overview

Quick overview of the core functionality within Ordering.

OnePlace Overview

A more detailed look at the functionality on OnePlace.

Full OnePlace Overview

An in-depth tour of the functionality on OnePlace.

How To Guides

Quick Order

How to place an order via OnePlace.

PDF Order Upload

How to place an order by uploading a PDF or XML to OnePlace.

Marketplace & Basket

How to find a product and place an order via the Marketplace method.

Product Search

How to search for a new product on OnePlace.

Exporting Product Data

How to export a Supplier’s product data out of OnePlace.

Adding a New User

How to give another member of your company access to use OnePlace.

Resetting Your Password

How to quickly reset your password if forgotten.